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Olival - Open-space office to be desired

The work in the office is uniform enough, so it is important that such should not be the interior. The details make the difference - like yellow floors that encourage good mood. The brick wall, as well as many plants, natural materials and daylight, bring a touch of exterior to the interior and together with ergonomic furniture make the long hours spent in the office healthier and more comfortable.

In collaboration with architect Branko Petković, an open-space office was created - at the Olival Cosmetics building in Zagreb.

The idea was to create an urban open - space office, in which the principles of the Wellness Office were applied. This is achieved through the use of height-adjustable tables, ergonomic chairs, optimal lighting (warm shades and as much daylight as possible) and a plethora of plants that purify stale air.

Following the principles of the Wellness Office, it sought to boost productivity, creativity, collaboration and increase job satisfaction.

It is important to take care of the environment in order to make the office a Wellness Office. Therefore, only ecological, bio - degradable materials were used in the production of the furniture.


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