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OFFICE SHELL - the solution for open-space offices

Office Shell is a compact cylindrical product that occupies about 4 square meters of space. It encloses the work area from the front and back with a sliding door. This ensures regulated communication between coworkers in the same office space.

Office Shell allows social distancing, as well as microclimate regulation and an completely individually controlled work environment. It`s made entirely out of natural, antibacterial and antistatic materials such as wood panels, cork, wool and linoleum.

The user can choose from the following furniture and accessories:

  • desk with manually adjustable worktop height

  • desk for working in sitting or standing position with 4 memorized positions

  • cabinet with drawers and storage

  • cabinet with shelves and computer storage

  • linear lighting fixtures with color and light intensity adjustment

  • small devices for humidifying, cooling or heating the air and destroying bacteria with UV rays, fragrant essences

  • small beverage coolers

  • wireless cell phone charger

  • flower pots and green wall elements for a sense of connection to nature

The goal is for everyone who works in the "shell" to feel comfortable, protected and satisfied.

Office Shell is suitable for both new, as well as existing, offices and can be used in conjunction with existing conventional furniture.

Assembly and disassembly of each unit takes less than 20 minutes. It is also suitable for shorter leases for specific projects, as well as for time-sharing within larger companies.


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