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Glamping in Croatia – luxury camping units

Kingdome luxury camping units furnished by Dizz Concept are the pioneers of glamping in Croatia. These 40m2 geodesic domes provide unparalleled camping comfort with an en suite bathroom, living and dining area, a kitchen, and two separate bedrooms.

Luxuriously equipped with designer furniture from Croatia, Kingdome features the Interior Innovation Award - BEST OF BEST winner Pop-up kitchen PIA by Dizz Concept – fully equipped with a microwave oven, hot induction plate, fridge and a dishwasher.

Taking up only 1,6 m2 of space, Pop-up kitchen PIA looks like a living room cabinet with an integrated TV. The TV hangs on a wall mount and can be rotated to adjust better view, even while the kitchen is in use and the doors are open.

Comfortable sleeping arrangements do not always go hand in hand with camping, however this is not the case with Kingdome. It features an ALLADIN bed by Dizz Concept, as well as a separate bedroom on the upper level.

Plenty of closet space is provided with a modular storage system LIND by Dizz Concept. The position of the elements can be easily moved without tools, enabling the user to change it according to seasonal or daily needs and preferences.

Kingdome comes with all the connections, so you can just plug it in or set up a solar power cell solution.

That way, visitors can enjoy the ultimate nature experience at a luxury suite level of service and comfort.

Kingdome on Mišjak island in Croatia.

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