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Office Shell - solution for open-plan offices


Office Shell is our latest office solution the aim of which is to address the shortcomings of open plan offices. These shortcomings have been thoroughly researched; all of this research, conducted on large samples of workforce employed in open-plan offices throughout the world, pointed at the same problems.



Lack of isolation and privacy, coupled with the crowded and noisy nature of the open plan office, leads to diminished productivity of employees who find it difficult to focus in such environments.


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted another value of the Office Shell, and showed  the ability of employees to isolate themselves in the workplace is crucial - physical barriers make the spreading of infectious diseases much harder. In addition, Office Shell is also the perfect solution for remote work and working from home providing much needed privacy during conference calls.


Current solutions on the market are either acoustic barriers or large and bulky booths which take too much space to solve the problem efficiently both in offices and at home. The Office Shell, in contrast, is a much more compact system; it requires about 4 m2 of office space, enclosing a single workspace in a cylindrical booth with sliding doors.


It provides a highly customizable, safer workspace that allows for distraction-free work in a green environment. Constructed from recyclable and natural materials, Office Shell remains committed to sustainable design.

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