MOVI - mobile furniture for daily space conversion


designed by Darko Špiljarić


MOVI provides greater comfort in small apartments

Less square meters for the same comfort, and lower heating and cooling energy consumption are benefits offered by this project.

Care for the environment throughout the entire process of production, packaging and waste disposal. Strictly ecologically sustainable materials without the use of harmful substances.

Movable furniture for daily living space conversion

MOVI allows multipurpose use of space without the loss of comfort.

19 MOVI-ambienta.gif

In less than a minute, MOVI transforms the living room into a spacious bedroom


The main component of the system are mobile cabinets which provide enough storage space which is usually missing in small apartments.

The cabinets are positioned on the side of the kitchen during the night.


For daytime use, the headboard of the bed is raised and the closet moves towards the opposite wall. At the same time the bed turns it into a sofa.

The cabinets have doors on both sides to enable the use in both positions.

Moving the wardrobe is solved without the usual rails, which allows the application in existing apartments without construction work. The only precondition is a horizontal floor.

MOVI system is combined with other transformable furniture to further enhance the space saving functionality 

movi sajam 07.JPG

A fully equipped kitchen is hidden in the cabinet with TV. Check  out pop-up kitchen PIA, our award winning space saving solution, here.


The dining table can be lowered into the work desk to get more free space, so, apart from the functional transformation, the appearance of the room also changes.

movi space.png

The assembly of the whole set of furniture requires only one working day.

The MOVI concept can be adapted to the size of the available space. Standard length mobile cabinet is 360 cm, and the application may vary from 300 to 400 cm. Optimum width of the rooms is ranging from 390 to 490 cm.

movi dimenzije.png