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We cooperate with other companies and individuals in all areas of space furnishing and furniture production. Here you can find and download CAD blocks, catalogues and brochures.

Pop-up kitchen PIA brochure

pdf 5,01 MB

Pop-up kitchen PIA flyer

pdf 0,5 MB

Outdoor kitchen NOTA flyer

pdf 0,4 MB

LIR brochure

pdf 1,43 MB

PROJECTS brochure

pdf 2,07 MB

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Space-saving brochure

pdf 4.1 MB

DIZZ LIVING catalogue

pdf 5,15 MB

SOFA brochure

pdf 832 KB

WOOD brochure

pdf 812 KB

KAMARA brochure

pdf 1,84 MB

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AURA catalogue

pdf 8,09 MB

MAT catalogue

pdf 4,46 MB

NYX catalogue

pdf 4,85 MB

DYN brochure

pdf 1,01 MB

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PIA blocks

dxf 0,6 MB


AURA blocks

dxf 1,27 MB


MAT blocks

dxf 0,99 MB


NYX blocks

dxf 1,1 MB


OFFICE blocks

dxf 1,07 MB


LIVING blocks

dxf 1,09 MB


SOFA blocks

dxf 1,08 MB


WOOD blocks

dxf 1,07 MB






kitchen Pia

3D models

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