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DIZZONE - innovative multifunctional workstation 


Get into the zone 


We developed DIZZONE in response to the pressing need for that extra space, the work-from-home trend (that is here to stay), and the rising cost of real estate. When you add it all together, DIZZONE arises as the solution. And here it is!


DIZZONE was carefully designed to give you a small yet comfortable and ultra-modern sleek space to store all of your IT equipment needed to complete the workday, including the computer/laptop, desk, gaming equipment and the ergonomic office chair.


It can be quickly and easily adjusted and modified for a new purpose following the users' needs (be that workingstudying, gaming, streaming, or any other such activity).


When closed, DIZZONE looks like a stylish cabinet

Doors opened at an angle between 90 and 120 degrees reveal a  multifunctional compact storage unit for IT and multimedia equipment.

When closed, DIZZONE looks like an eye-catching cabinet.

Open dizzone.jpg

DIZZONE - transform your workstation 

gaming space resized 716x403_Mesa de trabajo 1.jpg
gaming zone resized 716x403_Mesa de trabajo 1.jpg

....into an innovative, stylish and comfortable gaming station within seconds

DIZZONE has an integrated lighting system that enables you to customize the workspace to your liking. As the lighting commander, you get to select the level of intensity that best meets your needs and preferences. You can quickly set everything using your computer or mobile device. Don't just light up your space, but your ideas, too.


It is a great place to install and store the additional sound system speakers, stereo speakers, or audio system and even features a fridge. So, sit back, relax and feel the vibe of DIZZONE in every sense of the word. 


Unlike other workstations currently present on the market, DIZZONE is not just easy to assemble but easy to transfer, too. By replacing traditional heavy wood components with new lightweight and sustainable materials, we have significantly reduced the overall weight of the base of the DIZZONE and the total number of components, making it easy to move about if needed.

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