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The new concept of workplace design emphasizes satisfying workers' physical and psychological needs during work, with the goal of improving and preserving health and development of human potential. Wellness Office represents active work and elements which synchronize work environment with antropometry and ergonomics.


design: Darko Špiljarić, Ada Kezić, Zdenka Pavlović, INkea design team




Recent issues of office environment require the redesign of work environment. Contemporary office needs to be formed by the new conceptual design. Looking at a man as a complete being in a symbiotic relationship with its work environment, contemporary workplace becomes the accumulator of creativity, positive emotions and productivity.


The suggested concept is called Wellness Office. The name has been chosen to accent the importance of moving and activity when working long hours sitting, as well as emphasize the existence of elements of a workplace that need to be matched with the results of anthropometric measurements and ergonomic demands.


Elements of Wellness Office equipment investigate the source of stress at workplace, and reduce it by activating all senses: through colors, lights, sounds, scents and selection of furniture that ensures reduction of unpleasant and hurtful sensations that are a consequence of long term static postures.


Wellness Office partitions work space: classic work space with desk and chair is reduced, and expansion of communication space is suggested - space for meetings and socializing (conference unit), isolation and pondering (creative unit), and relaxation (office club).


Wellness office contains:  


I. Work units with height adjustable tables and chairs for active sitting  

II. Creative unit 

III. Conference unit  

IV. Office club

Work unit with height adjustable tables



In case the work is computer associated it is necessary to ensure adequate furnishing and use ergonomic solutions that reduce the possibility of hand, neck and spine injuries.  Ergonomics experts recommend two to four posture changes, sitting to standing position (with standing phase not being longer than 20 minutes). Static sitting and standing should equally be avoided.


As a solution, Inkea offers work tables whose worktop can be lifted from 64 to 130 cm height by synchronized electro motors, which enables quick and simple posture changes. In combination with adequate work chairs it is possible to extremely relieve prolonged work.


Inkea presented simple operative desks as well as a program of sophisticated configurations for management offices.

Office chair for active sitting



Along with height adjustable tables the dynamics of movement and posture changing is also achieved with office chairs for active sitting. Quality chair has to allow seat height adjustments, have armrests, sufficiently high backrest, synchro mechanism and, if possible, a mechanism that allows active sitting.


Inkea suggested chairs with innovative Dondola® and Body Balance Tec® mechanisms for Wellness Office. Sitting on that kind of chair activates back and sitting muscles which, in a relatively short period, results in reduction of pain in lumbar spine. Good characteristics of these chairs are also confirmed by the results of spinal disease prevention research conducted by Top Star, Germany.


Dondola® and Body Balance Tec® systems incorporated into healthy chairs have the following characteristics:

- seat and backrest follow the movement of the body so that one always sits in ideal posture

- three dimensional movement of the seat stimulates motion and strengthens back muscles, keeping them elastic and  

  flexible to support the spine

- ensures better circulation

- long term sitting doesnt tire that much

- movement reduces stress and muscle pain

- preserves mental vitality

Creative work unit 


Creative room is a place of solitude where one is protected from outer stimulations, surrounded by pleasant relaxing music, comfortably laying on the armchair enabling him to work creatively.  The atmosphere where one is surrounded by the scent of lavender, the sound of the sea or birds singing stimulates creativity, provides better focus on the work mission, all in all increases productivity.

Conference unit


Conference unit represents perfect open space for meetings, briefings or consultations. Flexible sofa with coffee table gives a certain feeling of relaxation, home-like ambience, and the composing elements can simply be rearranged.

Office club


Going to work should be almost like going home to a warm and pleasant environment. Office club is a place with an integrated, fully functional kitchen, for drinking coffee with colleagues in the morning when one comes to work, or checks emails undisturbed, away from others. This provides a quiet, relaxed start of the day. Office club can be a place to rest and read newspapers, magazines etc., or have a work meeting.

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