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DAN is an elegant and impressive seating set primarily made for larger spaces in which it's geometric shape and pure lines can be fully expressed.


design: Darko Špiljarić



MINI DAN is a seating set made for small scale spaces in homes and offices. It is a modern solution of high quality craftsmanship.


design: Darko Špiljarić



MIDI DAN is shaped exactly like DAN, but is smaller and therefore more appropriate for smaller spaces.


design: Darko Špiljarić



DUGA is a seating set ideal for all who doesn’t like static spaces. With six basic elements it is possible to create a large number of seating compositions. 


design: Zdenka Pavlović



Seating set consisted of elements with and without backrest which is movable and can be rotated in 270 degrees around the seat.


design: Darko Špiljarić



Seating set consisted of four basic elements which can be arranged in many different compositions.


design: Ines Stošić



An easy chair which offers an unusual but desirable solution – comfortable day rest for two people. The possibility of regulation of the angle of inclination enables the right angle for napping, reading and watching TV.


design: Darko Špiljarić



WING is a modern chaise lounge whose form is inspired by nature. Integrated electro motor regulates the angle of inclination, supple material and memory foam ensure maximum comfort.


design: Ada Kezić

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