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KAPI is a wardrobe system designed for furnishing stores, walk in-closets ore hallways .The basic elements of the system are perforated panels that carry all the clothes storage or display elements. All elements are easily attachable and detachable on them: hanger carriers, shelves, drawers, boxes for clothes storage, mirrors, tie hangers etc. Perforations are not set in regular intervals which gives the system more of a casual look. The product is made of high quality materials. It is possible to choose between more types of material and final processing and their combinations.


KAPI is a multifunctional wardrobe with a pre-undefined arrangement of basic elements, which increases the functionality, overview and capacity of storage space. Additional benefit of this system is the possibility of double-sided use of the same basic bearing element, on which all others are hanged, due to the perforation on its surface.


design: Darko Špiljarić

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