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Wellness Office solutions emphasize active work, dinamics of movement and elements which synchronize work place with ergonomics and antropometry. Office chairs that are constantly used for eight or more hours should stimulate active and dynamic sitting. These sorts of chairs were developed on example of exercise balls. 


Medical research prove that sitting on chairs with three dimensionally moveable seats and backrests activates important muscles in the back, which results in reduction or even disappearance of lumbar spine pain.


Well known German office chair factory Topstar constructed several models of chairs for active sitting which, unlike usual office chairs that are complicated to use, offer a well balanced construction with characteristics of high quality office chairs.


Active sitting, except stimulating good mood, increases concentration and motivation. Sitting actually becomes invisible exercise and strengthening of muscular and skeleton system.


Chairs for active sitting enable threedimensional movement of seat and backrest. Sitting on these chairs one takes preventive and therapeutic measures for maintaining a healthy muscular skeleton system.



How does active sitting work?

- the seat and backrest follow your movement so you are always sitting in ideal position

- it constantly encourages movement and strenghtens back muscles, which remain fit

- guarantees unlimited degree of movement

- improves blood circulation

- preservs mental vitality

- movement decreases stress exposure and reduces spine and muscle diseases

- user doesn't get tired sitting for long periods of time

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